Wong Chu King renovated church in Naic

Charitable institution, Wong Chu King Foundation celebrates its 24th anniversary this year. They recently turned over the renovation project for the historic Diocesan Shrine of the Immaculate Conception of Mary in Naic, Cavite.

The church’s outer wall structure with limestone and built a new garden and fountain was rebuild by the foundation.

“We cannot allow this historic church to go into disrepair because it had not only strengthened the Filipino faith but also stands as a mute witness to the martyrdom of the defenders of Philippine freedom and nationhood,” Wongchuking said.

The said project was started in June 2013 and completed last February this year. They did the ceremonies was held last March 30, the foundation’s 24th anniversary.

“Our project aims to maintain the original structure, essence and sanctity of the church,” said James Navarette, the foundation’s general manager.

“At first, the foundation focused on repairing the church’s roof and ceiling. But Mrs. Wongchuking heard of the personal project of Fr. Virgilio Saenz-Mendoza, the parish priest, and the people of Naic to refurbish the outer walls of the church,” Navarette added.

Wong Chu King Foundation funded the construction of chapel in Xavier School

The charitable arm of Mighty Corp, Wong Chu King Foundation funded the construction of the Sacred Heart Chapel of the Senior High School Building for Xavier School in San Juan City.

The said chapel will be dedicated to Mr. Wong Chu King, patriarch of the family that formed the foundation.

According to Caesar Wongchuking, Wong Chu King Foundation’s vice president says that the Sacred Heart Chapel of Xavier School’s senior high school building is being built for the cause and passion for education by his father.

“Fr. Desautels went door-to-door in Manila for donations to buy the land needed to set up the school,” Wongchuking recalled on how the founders of the school and his father met. “At 3:30 pm on December 15, 1955, Fr. Desautels closed the deal and purchased the land barely an hour and a half before the 5 p.m. deadline agreed on with the seller of the land on which the school was eventually built.”

“All of us, my siblings and I, graduated from Xavier School and imbibed the Jesuit’s God, education and service-centered mission,” he added.

“This project is our way of honoring our father’s friendship with the Jesuit community and paying forward for the excellent education we received from the school,” said Alex Wongchuking, the foundation’s executive director said.

During the signing the deed of donation for the construction of the chapel at Xavier are Marietta Wongchuking- Co Chien, Wong Chu King Foundation Director; Johnip Cua, Xavier School chairman of the board of trustees; and Fr. Aristotle Dy, school president and director.

Mighty Corp reached out to fish pond owners

Filipino-owned cigarette manufacturer Mighty Corp. initiated to donate tobacco dust, a fish pond conditioner that protects local ponds from predators that will help millions of Filipino fish pond owners and operators as well as tobacco farmers nationwide.

“We are going to help the National Tobacco Administration promote the use of tobacco dust by donating to our thousands of fish pond owners and operators all over the country,” Mighty Corp. executive vice president Oscar Barrientos said.

“In doing so, we are helping both tobacco farmers and fish pond owners and operators increase their yield,” he added.

Mighty Corporation aimed to increase the income of the tobacco-growing industry and bought 10 million tobacco leaves from local farmers in the country. La Union-based Tobacco Dust Plus plant is where the leaves are re-dried and pulverized.

The tobacco dust promotes the growth of lablab, an algae and natural fish food. It also serves as pond floor conditioner. Most of the pond owners and operators used it to sterilize fish ponds before stocking fingerlings. The said studies conducted by the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center in Tigbauan, Iloilo.

With the promising results done by other groups in using tobacco dust as a substitute to chemical fish pond fertilizers will be use by the farmers.