Mighty Corp expanding their tobacco products

For the past 70 years, Filipino-owned tobacco company Mighty Corp vowed for expanding their product line.


Established in 1945, La Campana Fabrica de Tabacos, Inc. founded by Wong Chu King and started out with a small cigarette factory in Manila producing native cigarettes known as “matamis.” Then, the second factory was built in Pasong Tamo, Makati in 1948.


In 1963, the company constructed which became a facility for tobacco threshing and redrying in Malolos, Bulacan. 22 years later, it was renamed Mighty Corp. in 1985 and bought the trademarks of Alhambra Industries in 1993.


During the 2000s, Mighty’s expansion continued all throughout the decade as it purchased and upgraded its production and packing facilities.


The re-launching of the company’s oldest and flagship brands such as La Campana Ringing Bell and Alhambra cigarettes, known as “Matamis” and “Regaliz” blend lines, re-engineered and reblended to cater to today’s consumers, also highlighted MC’s remarkable years in business.


Last year, they launched two types in the premium category: King and Chelsea. And these two brands are now categorized in the highest tax bracket for cigarettes.


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