Mighty Corp on the core values for 70 years

Sometimes, companies become so focused on making profits that they forget their core values along the way.

There is one Filipino company however that has stayed true to its core values.

For seven decades, the country’s oldest Filipino-owned tobacco manufacturer Mighty Corp has stayed true to its core values of  M-I-G-H-T-Y which stands for malasakit (concern), integrity, goal-oriented, highly-committed, teamwork and Yahweh (faith) instilled by its founder Mr. Wong Chu King.

In 1945, Mr. Wong Chu King and his partners Ong Lowa, Baa Dy, and Ong Pay set up La Campana Fabrica de Tabacos Inc., which had it first factory in Tayabas St., Manila. The second factory was then built in 1948 in Pasong Tamo, Makati, and in 1951, it acquired the present site of its head office.

In 1963, Wong Chu King founded the Tobacco Industries of the Philippines (TIP) in a nine-hectare property in Barrio Tikay, Malolos, Bulacan which became the future site of their manufacturing operations.

The succeeding years became difficult for the company but the ingenious Wong Chu King together with the unwavering support of his employees reestablished the company in 1985 to become Mighty Corp.

According to Rosario Marigomen, who has been with the company for the last 52 years and considers Mighty Corp. more of a big family than a business, the founder saw this culture of dedication and hard work and made sure that every employee and worker was appreciated.

Mighty gives back to its employees, distributors and tobacco farmers by aiding their livelihood and sending deserving children to school.

Today, the company continuously inspires the lives of about 293,000 families of its employees, business and trade partners. And that has been the secret to its business success.

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