Mighty Corp pushed their plans for buying tobacco leaves

Filipino cigarette manufacturer Mighty Corp has been dedicated to help the farmers from buying more tobacco leaves in which will increase their yield in the Ilocos Region and Cagayan Valley.

According to Mighty’s Executive Vice President Oscar P. Barrientos, said that as the company’s share of the domestic market increased from five percent in 2012 to 20 percent of the local market for cigarettes in 2013.

The company has been known for the cause of the Filipino tobacco farmers by buying a larger share of the low-grade tobacco leaves at good prices.And it’s not only the tobacco farmers who benefit from Mighty’s growth but the whole country as well through the company’s payment of taxes from the sale of their cigarette products.

With this, the company expanded its corporate social responsibility projects to help tobacco cooperatives increase their production.

Mighty Corp: An advocate of farmers and new technologies

Bulacan based tobacco manufacturer, Mighty Corp championed the cause of farmers and trying out new technologies for their company.

Last year, Mighty planned in developing the alternative use for tobacco which will help reduce Filipino farmers’ reliance on chemical-based pesticides, increase tobacco farmers’ income, and protect the environment.

With this effort, they are coordinating with key agencies as National Tobacco Administration (NTA), Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA) of the Department of Agriculture (DA) and University of the Philippines in Los Baños, Laguna (UPLB).

Insects and other pests have adversely affected farmers’ production of main agricultural crops, including rice, corn, coconuts, sugarcane, bananas, pineapples, coffee, mangoes and abaca. Also affected are secondary crops like peanuts, cassava, sweet potatoes, garlic, onions, cabbages, eggplants, calamansi, rubber, and cotton. Nicotine from tobacco has been used on crops as a natural insecticide that does not have the health and environmental risks of chemical-based pesticides.

Meanwhile, Mighty has been helping the farmers in the northern part of the country by buying tobacco leaves.

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